About Ariestya


Hello world, welcome to my little home. It’s been a blessing that I was given a beautiful name, that is Ariestya Rohmah. I dunno waht to say exactly when one asks about me for the whole. Yeah, I’m having a bit difficulty to explain who I am. But according to people’s opinion about me. Here are their little statements to describe how I live my life. It’s exactly that I’m just like another ordinary person. I was born in my little town called Kediri many years ago. ~Yea, you should look up inside Google Map to find where I stand now haha~. I’m such a hard worker, and love travelling. Those are the whole of me indeed. Just like a few others, I do have a bad thing I dislike. Pinned in the top of rank of it is waiting. See, I definitely hate waiting, that is why in the rest of my life, I never make somebody waits for me. It feels like…eemm ah whatever, forget it! 😀

Well, talking about hobby. I have some favorite things to do. They are making cup cakes, breaking the ice, and watching rain drops. Ya, for the last habit I mentioned. I bet that just a few people have the same as mine. Up to now, I’m not able to clarify how amazing rain is. Just that. Another thing to explore what myself looks like is about personality. Yes, I’m always proud of being myself. Some people said that I’m a humble one, easy going, easy to make friends, and smart. For those who said that, I deeply say Alhamdulillah :). Eventhough there must be a weakness as human being’s, I do believe that every single skill I have, could be a little miracle to somebody else’s life. It means I always dedicate myself to al HIS creature.

That’s just a simple description about me. I please you guys to be friends of mine. And definitely, I’l be really glad to be yours.. ^^10311213_1499465586985200_5419206782750746273_n



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