That Happiness Named TC 108

When I was TC programme. When I was MAM Periods. When I had to come early in the morning and memorise New Concept English. When I joined weekly meting. When I was the part of Moonlight. When I was awarded as the best speaker of those who pointed me. Aah to many “I was” can’t be mentioned one by one. It definitely taught me to face and meet who I am now.

My name tag when I was TC student 🙂

This is my name tag, that had to be worn in every single meeting hold by the teachers and tutors of mine at that time. I used to be called by “Aries” because there were too many students named Tya in my class.. 😅

It is a pride to be the part of the big family of this beloved course. BEC, Basic English Course. The place where I was trained as a more discipline one, the one who appreciated time deeply. The place where I studied The Present Simple to the most difficult grammar and structure called SYNTAX. The place where I got many kinds of tribes to be my friends. This is also the place to gather as one big community of English Speaker in Pare.

The one and only TC 108 MAM:

                       NEVER GIVE UP BEING THE CHAMPION 💓💕💖💝:)


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