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It has been known that English is an International language that is learnt by all people around the world. This is why the need of it cannot be honestly avoided anymore. In this globalization era, there are many reasons why it is essential for some people to learn more about it. Many people say that learning English is complex and complicated. From many skills that have been offered by, proven that writing is the hardest skill in improving the knowledge of English, because in writing also includes some other skills such as Vocabulary, Grammar, and absolutely Reading. Someone may be able to be proficient in reading skills, understanding good grammar, having a great fluency in speaking and owning a good hearing sensitivity of English, but not necessarily one that can poure everyting that he knows into writing. Many of them stop thinking when they have already in the middle of their writing when they decide to start it, because they are having some difficulties in expanding idea and finding some efficient and scientific words to reveal what they are thinking on their mind. They also get bored and confused. This is also the reason why there are only little writers than readers appear their job in the world.

Proverb says “Writing can change the world”. It shows us that how great the influence of writing. It can reflect that start by writing, a great thing can be begun from nothing and impossible for some. It also can change the perception that has already appeared to be more argumentable opinion and also through discussed by. By writing, the writers can be appeared as the educated people so, because there are many people are able to master in spoken language but not totally capable in writing skills. By knowing those reasons, they are also completely placed in the top rank form of smart people in everything that connected with the literature of language. Another proof about how great being a writer comes from the big Islam leader, stated that “If you are not a prince or a great leader, you should be a writer” (Imam Al-Ghazali). From this quote, the speaker tries to compare that the writer has the same level to the prince of a kingdom or the leader of the country, he also tries to convince all people that the ability in writing is a precious skill should be owned so that he has already quoted.

Writing is also the method of representing language in visual or authentic forms. It uses some sets of symbols to present the sound of speech, and may also have symbol for such things as punctuation and numerals. Outside speaking skills, writing is also such a kind of English skill that can create relationship or connection among people. It links one person to another by creating a means of communication building without speaking. There should be some medias to make it can be realized and visualized such like video, print out, audio, chat (written conversation) and many others. Writing has also considered as something powerful ability to inspire, motivate, change lives, change minds, and even change history. Even if writing is not the one’s “thing”, someone probably understands the importance of it. Writing is not fun for everyone, but everyone does it. Those who write as a creative tool, do so to express their creativity, thoughts, ideas, feeling and help others to learn something, do something, or just to plain the old writing. Writing also leads people to have more reading, which led to more learning about the growing list of concern. It can also find some people passionately in inspiring to change the world, at least his own world.


Talking about writing, one of the kinds of writing product is an Essay. What is Essay?. Based on The Oxford Dictionary, essay is such a kind of short piece writing on one subject. It can put more consentration on what the writers want to write only in a current case they want to be focused on. Wikipedia stated that essay is generally long pieces of writing written from an author’s personal point of view. Essay can consist of a number of elements, including literary, criticism, political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, recollections, and reflections of the author. An essay has been defined in a variety of ways such like a prose composition with a focused subject of discussion or a long systematic discourse. Making an essay means that the writers are forced to have a good ability in expanding the idea and making the writing can be understood well and even more interesting writing by the readers. Knowing that writing an essay is not as easy as its sound, there are some difficulties that usally make the writers completely confused to start making it. They might own those problems to start writing, if the writers do not enrich their knowledge, it may take a little long time for them to think more how to make it to be perfect and easier for readers to read it. Evenmore they can stop to write when they face the difficulty and they have nothing on their mind to poure out into writing. Stuck out is the worst result for writers when they already come in this phase at last. It can be considered that they have already given up to continue writing. That is why, many opinions declare and believed that “The more knowledge the writer has, the more interesting writing he can produce.”

As mentioned before, there are two basically problems that can cause the writer confused to start writing. The first problem that many writers are really burdened in writing skills is when they have to expand the idea. Getting the topic of an essay is an easy thing, but expanding the idea of its into long sentence and long explanation is such a kind of a huge sword kills an iron for them. How can it happen?. It can be truly occurred if some factors in order to improve writing skill are not owned by them. Having more understanding of words formations, words concord (agreement), upgrading the vocabularies and grammar structure are some steps should be passed by them to produce a qualified and scientific essay. The writers are demanded to know when they have to use the right word, the right structure, and also the right spelling of words in their writing. Finding out what we are passionate about, finding platform to share the passion, and keep writing and repeating are also included into the sub steps. Invariably, the writers shift topics and lose focus within their paragraphs because they do not know how to develop or expand their idea. They only concern into one focus that is how the paragraph can be filled by some long sentences, indeed a paragraph should be at least half a page long, but usually no more than one page. How, then, if the writers do not have enough arguments or statements to say. Instead of broadening the focus, which will only be another form of topic shifting. Those problems can be solved by illustrating the idea with examples, giving an authoritative quotation, anticipating and responding to counterarguments, and brainstorming more insight about the idea.

The other problems in writing an essay is finding the scientific words. It is good for most writers to use some general vocabularies in their writing, but it can be more precious thing if they can choose and analyze what is the most suitable word that can be taken as the chosen symbol of writing itself. Another way to keep the writers stay in their purpose of writing is looking up the expected words into the current dictionary and they should be also passionately in reading more information that connected with the topic being written. For the writers who want to own a good and qualified writing, they should be creative and inovative thinker. Creative to manage the words formation, words concord (agreement), and even more about grammar and structure that is used in their writing. This step is the most difficult part that will be faced by the writers, because this difficulty can cause them to get frustrated and stop writing if they cannot manage the term of writing itself.

Another step to find the scientific words is being innovative, it can be translated by giving some proverbs or one’s quotes that can support the means and the purpose of essay that is being written. In this case, the writer is also able to add some suggestions or comments to support, explain, and manage the words about the one’s quotes that have been stated to be the opinion. It can be some count of proofs that the writers need to affirm and convince the thesis statements of theirs that have been mentioned before.

Using proverbs is also one of the way that the writers can maximalize their writing into the best one that they have already expected. The writers can play around with the proverb that they have used as one of the proof of their writing by adding and expanding opinion and changing the word formation to make it clearer and easy to be understood by the readers. The writers can choose and analyze the most influence proverb that support the thesis statements in every single purpose of paragraph that is being written. They are also demanded to improve their skill in managing word into a whole good sentence arrangements of essay. If they are able to do all these terms, it is a certainty that they can be called as a good writer because they can make a writing is able to connect people across time, space and culture. The demand of writing itself can be totally delivered that individuals can learn something from yesterday, gain knowledge about today and create some plans for tomorrow. All writers might find many difficulties in writing essays or other kinds of writing, such as journals, dissertations, even publish writings into blog or websites. So, this matter should be realized that doing everything must get the risk, either big or small problems. A science writing should be written in a clear and concise style, its paragraphs should be well organized.

According to the whole expalanation the writer has already explained above, it can be concluded that the ability in writing is such an essential part in learning the language. Eventhough there should be many difficulties found, it is deeply considered as the risk of writing itself. But for somebody loves studying, he will do everything to increase his ability to make his writing can be more precious and scientific as well. He can do research, survey, and some other methods to strengthen his thesis statements in order to make the writing can be accounted for its fact. The most important way to make a qualified essay is not only talking about having many vocabularies and grammar textbooks, but for those who want to master it deeply should pay more attention and get more understanding in expanding idea to produced a good writing. They also should be able to search and find the scientific words to support their writing to be more scientific and make the readers are satisfied in reading it. The most beginner writers do not think about how to adequately develop their idea, they usually know that the paragraph needs to be longer, but they do not know how to expand their idea to fill that length. Some steps that can be done are illustrating the idea with examples, giving an authoritative quotations, anticipating and responding to the counterarguments, having more evidence about the idea, offering another’s perspective to the idea and elaborating on causes, effects, definitions, comparison and the contrast can be the alternative to enrich and expanding a qualified sentence in an essay the writers want.

The writer can also invite others to have the same perception as ours. By writing, the writers also can change the world. It means that their writing can be the great influence of their environment, so that they can convince to the world that there is a big power of writing to develop. It can be taken some advantages of mastering the writing skills. Such as allowing greater precision in communicating ideas, allowing logical and other forms of complex thoughts. Another advantages of writing are proving the fact that it allows for permanent records and it is good for making reference, it can be very useful as a defense during legal issues, which is something other means of communication such oral, strengthens and clarifies a verbal message. An article or an essay can store many kinds of information in many types of it. People, books and idea that give people a sense of renewal for themselves, other and the world somebody lives in. So, known that the basic principles of good writing apply just as well to the sciences as they do to the humanities and social science. This paper focuses on the features of expanding idea and finding scientific words that distinguish it from other, non-scientific genres. Understanding how the distinctive features of science writing reflect the activities and goals of science will help the writer become a more proficient writer of scientific essay. All writers should be aware of their audiences, titles, headings, Jargon. Scientific writing commonly relies on a further form of compression, replacing frequently used terms consisting of more than one word. So that the writer deeply hopes the more practice writing they do, the better writing they can produce to get the best scientific essays. Do not be afraid of making scientific writing, because the professional writers also started writing poorly at first.